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Outsourced IT Department

Whether you have an IT manager or not, we can be an extension of your in-house IT capabilities, covering all aspects of your technology needs.

Bespoke Solutions

We believe every customer is unique, so choose from an existing packaged solution or let us build something customised specifically to the needs of your organisation.


You don’t go 19 years in the internet industry without learning a thing or two – we pride ourselves on our know-how when it comes to building and operating internet/IT solutions.

High Performance

Once upon a time we were one of the biggest gaming ISPs on the market, so everything in our background is about ultra low latency, ultra high performance.

Cost Saving

Quality doesn’t need to cost the earth, so one of our core principles is to ensure that we provide an improved service while also saving you money.


We believe that control should always be in the hands of our customers, that’s why we offer both global cloud platforms and local, innovative solutions – including our own.

More About Us

Based in London, Burstfire is an Internet and Managed Service Provider providing high quality internet services to SMBs. Founded in the late 90s, Burstfire started from humble beginnings in the online games market and now caters for companies of all sizes in various industries.

We offer bespoke solutions in order to fit your business. We provide people and organisations a way of taking full advantage of the Internet; without the large costs often associated.  Our wide range of products, from web hosting and IT support to advanced BGP IP connectivity and hardware solutions; allows us to help with all business IT needs.   Packages can be tailored for customers that want extra services, but those who don’t won’t have to pay for them.  This means that you enjoy the most competitive prices backed by a team dedicated to providing you with excellent and effective service.

Our services go far beyond the standard broadband connection to include security, VoIP services, data centre, cloud and private networking solutions.  We remain at the cutting edge of technology by partnering with key suppliers and delivering excellent customer support and value.  Our focus on London allows us to offer a high quality of service through our understanding of the local market and adapt quickly to introduce new services and products.

Meet Our Fabulous Team
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Imraan Sathar

Meet Imraan, or as our customers affectionately call him, maxeh. He founded and leads our little company.

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Ross McAllister

Ross is our Sales extraordinaire. He makes our clients happy and has the skills to make almost anything happen.

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Phil Baker

Phil has connections in every industry. If you need a ping, hop or tunnel, he’s your gal.

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