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Ransomware has been in the news recently after it has emerged that a number of UK Universities and NHS Trusts have been targeted. It is a type of software virus, commonly known as Malware, which locks a PC or some of its content and then demands a ransom payment to…

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Every now and again you might stumble across a tech shortcut that makes everything easier.  We have a few in the burstfire office so whenever we notice new ones we will post them on twitter for you. If you have any tech shortcuts or useful tips please tweet them to us…

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MEET THE TEAM: Ross McAllister

We are going to do a series of 'Meet the Team' posts to give you a chance to know a bit more about some of the Burstfire staff. This first one will be about our Sales Manager Ross I'm the latest in the succession of employees from Livingston, Scotland now…

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