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Every now and again you might stumble across a tech shortcut that makes everything easier.  We have a few in the burstfire office so whenever we notice new ones we will post them on twitter for you.

If you have any tech shortcuts or useful tips please tweet them to us @burstfire.  Hopefully you will find some of these useful!

1. Can’t find a deleted email in outlook? Try this:
2. Accidentally typed a whole sentence in capital letters in Microsoft Word? Try shift + F3 to change case.
3. In Microsoft Word, hit F12 for a one button shortcut to ‘save as’
4. Google has a tool to check if your website is mobile friendly:
5. Use Google to find your lost Android phone:
6. Save time on your iPhone with text replacement:
7. Quickly switch between programs by pressing Alt-Tab on PC or ⌘-Tab on Mac
8. Add a fake email address into your contact list. If a bot starts sending out spam, you’ll get an undeliverable mail notice
9. Check if a username is available on popular sites using