Abuse Reporting Policy.

Allegations of copyright infringement

Please be aware that while we respect intellectual property rights, due to our service agreements and the fact that we are not the publisher of the content hosted upon our network, we are generally unable to take punitive or remedial action as a result of any alleged copyright infringement reports without exposing ourselves to undue risk of litigation unless we are furnished with the following:

  • Evidence of the alleged infringement (not just evidence of a file existing, but evidence that the material is copyrighted material and that you are or are entitled to represent the IP holder)
  • Evidence of attempts to communicate with the direct publisher if known/administrative contact (Whichever is our customer – we will facilitate communications if the claimant is unable to determine contact information for our customer, but are unable to disclose contact information without judicial order)

In the event that both of the above are presented and a period of 7 days has elapsed without a response from our customer and proven infringement continues to occur, we will at that point discontinue service to our client as per our terms of service.

How to report suspected abuse

We like to run a clean network, so in the unlikely event of you receiving abuse from our network or systems we want to hear about it – preferably as soon as possible.

Please be sure to include as much detail as you have on:

  • Source
  • Destination
  • Nature of the abuse
  • Any applicable logs
  • Timings – please remember to state your timezone

Our abuse email address is abuse@burstfire.net