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Hosted Phone System.

The PSTN switch-off is in 2025; are you ready?

Traditional PSTN phone systems are being shut down in 2025, so now is the perfect time to move your phone system to the cloud. Get all the standard PBX features you'd expect, plus features like rolling 90-day call recording, desktop and mobile apps, instant messaging, click-to-dial, and more. 

Versatile and reliable.

Built for modern working

With multiple ways to connect, through desktop clients, mobile apps, and traditional desk phones, our Hosted Phone System is designed for office, home, and hybrid working environments, to make sure you can stay connected wherever you are.

Simple pricing

We don't believe in charging extra for features that should come as standard, whether that's apps, integrations, or call menus. This makes our licencing model super simple to understand, avoiding surprise charges.

Integration included

Integration with your other services is key to Unified Communications. Our Hosted Phone System integrates with all the leading CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and Hubspot, out of the box.


Consultation and implementation for just £99 on a 36-month term


Powerful apps, simple communication.

Our soft client lets users take their communication channels with them wherever they are, however they work, and whatever device they choose.

The Communicator soft client app is available for desktop (Windows and macOS) and mobile (iOS and Android), delivering a range of communication and collaboration features in a single intuitive pane. These include softphone, video, messaging, screen and document sharing, group conference, and presence.

Advanced call recording & compliance

As standard, our Hosted Phone System has native cloud-based call recording, giving you a 90-day rolling archive of calls, complete with secure cloud storage and options for archiving.

If your business is in a regulated industry with strict compliance requirements such as MiFID II or PCI, we also offer a compliant, cloud-based call recording and analytics platform. CallCabinet provides advanced search and retrieval, AI-powered analytics, long-term immutable storage, and payment platform integration, delivering the ultimate telephony compliance suite.

Atmos Call Recording

Music & Recordings on Hold.

Did you know 90% of callers will hang up in less than 1 minute if they are greeted with silence or beeps, and 70% of business calls are placed on hold or transferred?

1 in 5 callers that hear on-hold marketing decide on a purchase based on what they want.

Whether you're looking for a professional IVR menu recording or a voice to read your legal disclaimer before speaking to your agents, our Music on Hold service is affordable with a speedy turnaround time. Enhance your corporate image, project key product/sales messages and reap the commercial benefits by never missing a call!

Industry-leading features.


Soft & mobile client

Apps for Windows & macOS desktops, and iOS & Android mobile platforms.


Directory services

Keep a global company phone book of all your employees or contacts.



Dial with ease wherever you see a number on-screen.


Instant messaging

Chat with colleagues and share files instantly.



Set your presence status, so colleagues know if you’re available.


Voice-to-email transcription

Instantly and automatically receive an email with a text transcription of any voicemail you receive.


Integrated call recording

Automatic call recording of all inbound and outbound calls, with 90 days of secure storage included.


Advanced PBX features

Deliver an enhanced experience for inbound calls with IVRs, auto-attendant, call queue and hold music.


Compliant solutions

Optional integration with a compliance suite to ensure adherence to regulations like GPDR, MiFID II, and PCI.


Enterprise resilience

Enterprise-grade voice network resilience, on a dedicated, geo-redundant platform with robust high-bandwidth infrastructure.


International numbering

Assign geographical numbers, with numbering available for over 65 international destinations.


Seamless implementation

Our skilled UK team handles the porting and provisioning process, making it easy for users and administrators without requiring specialised training.


Switch to a Hosted Phone System
before the PSTN switch off in 2025

Starting from


Per user, billed monthly


  • 2000 UK landline mins
  • 2000 UK mobile mins
  • Ring groups
  • Call queues
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Rolling 12-week call recording

Plus many more features are available, including regulation-compliant call recording, music and recordings on holiday, voicemail, and more.